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  • pom-harrington

    Pom joined the firm straight from school in 1994, working for his father and uncle. In 2000 Pom took over the running of the shop, and after Peter died in 2003, became owner and partner.

  • adam-blakeney

    Adam Blakeney is our main specialist in 20th-century literature and photography. He began as an independent bookseller in 1986 and joined us six years ago.

  • Adam Douglas

    Adam Douglas joined us in September 2005. He read English literature at Bristol University, and started bookselling in 1988 with Simon Finch Rare Books. He is the author of The Beast Within, a study of the werewolf myth. He specialises in literature to the end of the 19th century, early printed books, history, science, economics, and philosophy.

  • glenn-mitchell

    Glenn joined us in 2007 from Maggs Bros, after previously surviving a lengthy apprenticeship in the Charing Cross Road. Glenn has an MA in History from the University of Sussex. He deals in travel and voyages, military and naval history, and jazz.